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Welcome to NPOD

Welcome to the website of the Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases through Dietary Molecules (NPOD).

Visitors to our website can think of the NPOD as the place to go when seeking innovative approaches to combating major health threats to our nation, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. You will be excited to learn about the discoveries made by the scientists who call our center home. All of our discoveries relate to nutrients that are present in the average person’s diet! When browsing this website, you will find out about the tremendous potential that nutrients have for decreasing the risk for obesity and related diseases.

This website has something to offer for everyone: students and visiting faculty exploring learning opportunities in world-class laboratories, fellow scientists pursuing collaborations in cutting-edge nutrient signaling research, professional organizations and the lay public looking for accomplished speakers and interview partners, and investigators requiring our assistance through the NPOD’s outstanding core facilities and services. Our activities go beyond the traditional laboratory science. The NPOD has a genuine interest in translating research discoveries into patient care and consumer behavior, and we have established and support strategic alliances with translational coordinators and initiatives.

The NPOD was launched in August of 2014 as a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) with support from the nation’s premier health research agency, the National Institutes of Health. The NPOD proved to be a magnet for attracting top-notch researchers from Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, and Canada to Nebraska, all sharing the vision to combat obesity through tweaking the nutrient content in diets. The NPOD has created employment opportunities at multiple levels, including office and laboratory staff, students, and scientists. Our researchers are supported through an excellent research environment at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The NPOD supports cutting edge research core facilities on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These facilities provide researchers from the center, and external users, with services in bioinformatics, biostatistics, large-capacity and high-speed computation, molecular biology, animal imaging and phenotyping, and metabolomics. The services offered by our core facilities will accelerate the rate of discovery in the laboratories of users.

I invite you to peruse this website with me or simply meet us at one of our NPOD seminars. I look forward to meeting you!


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Dr. Janos Zempleni, NPOD Director
Dr. Janos Zempleni, NPOD Director
Willa Cather Professor of Molecular Nutrition

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